iTeamAgenda Diabetes

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TeamAgenda Diabetes, the mobile health companion of TeamAgenda!

iTeamAgenda Diabetes help you manage your Diabetes. You can use iTeamAgenda Diabetes to save your results locally and on the TeamAgenda server. You can also notify someone when you add new entries in your personal agenda on the TeamAgenda server.

In order to use iTeamAgenda Diabetes, you need:

1) A valid TeamAgenda Version 5.0.8 license,
2) TeamAgenda Server 5.0.8 (corporate license or home edition or a demo version of TeamAgenda server),
3) and 
WebAgenda Version 5.0.8.

Need a TeamAgenda demo license? Sign up fro a free 30 days demo trial from our web site at

Note: iTeamAgenda Diabetes can be used to store information on the TeamAgenda Server and share the information with your doctor. If you dont have a TeamAgenda Server you can use our free service at :

You can store your results and your doctor can access it at any time.

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